Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is a systematic blend of the Nigerian National Curriculum and the British Cambridge International Curriculum. From both curricular, we derived our integrated schemes of work. The teaching and learning activities are done embedding both curricular, while Mock examinations, extension classes and
assessments are done exclusively.  The schools run academic curricula, which are in strict compliance with the State and National Policies on Education.
Our preschool pupils are prepared using the Montessori tools to achieve a balanced development in the psychomotor, cognitive and affective domains of

Our basic classes run the Universal Basic Education scheme to prepare children for the upper basic (Junior Secondary Certificate) examinations by the State
Ministry of Education and National Examination Council Commission (NECO) Students in senior secondary classes are prepared for Senior Secondary Certificate
Examination (SSCE) by WAEC.

Subjects offered are : 


English Studies

Basic Science and Technology (PHE, Computer studies, Basic Technology, Basic Science)

Religion and National Values (Social studies, Civic education, Religious studies, security education)

Prevocational Studies (Home economic and Agricultural science)

Cultural and Creative Art (Drama, Music, Visual Art)




Further Mathematics


Garment making

Food and Nutrition

Technical Drawing








Literature in English

Yoruba Language

Business Studies


Data Processing

Our examination

Our external examinations are Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) Conducted by the National Examination Council (NECO) for Junior Secondary
School Year 9, term 3 West African Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), conducted by West African Examination Council (WAEC) – Year 12, term 3. For our internal examinations, we use our school portal to conduct a computer based test (CBT), students login to the profile on the school portal using their
functional tablets, access the questions , provide answers to the questions and see the results immediately after submitting it.


The objective of the SFC e-learning platform is to deliver a comprehensive and centralized learning environment for students and faculty for the key components
of the academic and learning curriculum. We have a tablet full of educational materials to help learn and broaden their horizons. Videos, Pdfs, Games, Pictures,
and the likes.

School library

Standard Foundation College’s library is a well-resourced, inclusive environment, where each child is encouraged to develop a love for reading.

The Teacher Librarians assist the students to develop information literacy skills, fostering individuals who strive to learn, as they become lifelong learners.

School Clubs and Societies

We have a wide range of activities including Press club(Literary & Debating Societies), Drama club, Jet Club, Chess club, Home markers club , Music club, and
Young farmers club. These activities are also reviewed regularly and additions made based on requests by our parents cum students.

Co-curricular Activities

At Standard Foundation College we recognize that students have the ability to move towards independence and self-control when there are involved in variety
of activities. We encourage our students to experience all the invigoration and excitement of co-curricular activities including Entrepreneurship Development
Training Programs, Character & Leadership Training, Public speaking, etc.


Our school operates an integrated system of education which encourages our students to be independent and entrepreneurially minded.
At Standard Foundation College, we provide the practical skills needed to develop commercial awareness in our students. We expose them to the different
opportunities available in a developing economy like Nigeria, and aim to ignite a passion for creativity and enterprise development. At the end of basic
entrepreneurship training, students will be trained in various hands-on activities of their choice which include photography, catering, music, cleaning agents( Izal,
disinfectant, air-freshener, liquid soap, bleach etc. We also hope that through this exercise, our students can become future employers of labour, and major
stakeholders in the Nigerian Economy.


At Standard Foundation Schools, we prepare students for “Life and Eternity”. Leadership is our mantra, and we believe that character is an essential tool to
becoming a good leader. Character & Leadership training is therefore a key exercise which is undertaken to promote these values in our students. We
organize training sessions which are run by both internal and external facilitators.

We also ensure that each student is given some form of responsibility in the school to enable them develop their confidence and team-working skills. In addition, our students are carefully guided by our academic and non-academic staff to ensure accountability for positions of responsibility placed in.


Music training is one of our core activities at Standard Foundation College. We ensure that our students are well grounded in both the theoretical and practical
aspects of music, and encourage each student to be skilled in at least one musical instrument. Through this exercise, our students are able to discover and develop
their musical talents; they also get the chance to showcase these skills during our in-house events like Concerts, Eduspiration etc, and also at events outside of the

Our School Tablet

Here at Standard Foundation College, our priority is to prepare students who can compete in any competition worldwide and perform excellently well. We prepare
students for life after school, so they can learn to be completely independent both financially, spiritually, mentally, physically, socially and otherwise. Hence we
keep them abreast with the new technologies and innovations in this 21st century. We keep them current and up to date with happening all over the globe.
Here at Standard Foundation College, we write our internal examinations on tablets. Our notes are now digital, students don’t write on paper but on their
tabs. This tablet also serves as a means for students to broaden their horizons as it contain educational materials which are easy to use and fun to work with.
Learning is fun and easy here at Standard Foundation College because our staffs and management are committed to giving only the best to our beloved students
“the future leaders of our great country Nigeria”.